5th AGM on 24 Jan 2016 (Sunday), 9am at Playground

21 December, 2009


Dear Members and Residents,

The End of 2009 is in sight and we welcome the coming of 2010. As you all know we the RA of Puteri 7 had our ups and downs trying to implement the Gated and Guarded Project but in the end with the cooperation of "Most" of the Residents in Acacia Puteri 7 we were able to complete it without much interruption.

Now that the project is already completed it is imperative that we will be able to maintain what we all started and this is were we need the cooperation and understanding from the Residents/Members of Acacia Puteri 7. There is an old saying in Chinese proverb - "To start is Difficult but to maintain is even more difficult". But I am sure with the cooperation of all of you I am confident that Acacia Puteri 7 will be an example for all the other RA around our Puchong area.

To the new residents of Acacia Puteri 7, RA welcomes you and your family for choosing to stay in this area. We also hope that you will be able to help contribute towards the Safety of this place by subscribing to our Quarterly Security Fees which is about RM200.00 only.

For your information, since the implementation of the Gated And Guarded Project we have not had a single report on burglary, snatch thief incidents and robberries. In other words we have had ZERO-CRIME. Taking this opportunity we would also like to thank ASAS Security and their security personnel for doing a good job and hope they will be able to maintain the quality of Service - Always.

Further we would like to inform that RA have already contacted MPSJ to trim the trees with the overhanging branches along the corner house, and they have promised to carry out the job next year.

On another note, Please do not park your vehicle in front, beside (left & right) of the Security Barriers as this is a high traffic area and accidents may happen due to careless driving. "PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE".

Members are also advised to quickly change their old car stickers with the new ones as effective 1st January 2010 the Security personnel have been instructed to stop all cars with old stickers and keep reminding them to change to new car stickers. The new car stickers can be obtained from the RA committee members or give your car registration number to the Security Guards and we will do the necessary to get the New car stickers to you.

Lastly, our Newsletter will be published with only important notices and security fees updates. Residents are also encouraged to log on to our RA blog for the latest news and photo upload.

Finally the RA Committee would like to wish all the Residents and Members of Acacia Puteri 7, Merry X'mas and A Happy New Year!

David Yap