5th AGM on 24 Jan 2016 (Sunday), 9am at Playground

02 December, 2010


Come join the fun, it's Free - Make it a Family Day!

The Bandar Puteri RAs and Pusat Bandar Puchong RAs together with PDRM IPD Serdang is jointly organising the Fun Walk. It is a leisurely walk to get to know the community and your neighbours as a family day.

Date: 5 December 2010 (Sunday)
Time: Registration from 7:00 a.m. and flag off at 8:00 a.m.
Venue: Field next to Balai Polis Bandar Puteri Puchong, Puteri 7.

This event is supported by the IPD Serdang and will be launched by the new CPO of Selangor, and
launching of Bandar Puteri and Pusat Bandar Puchong Community Policing by CPO Selangor, Community RA's and IPD Serdang. Police mounted horses will provide road safety and there will be a demonstration of the Canine Unit.

The Fun Walk will cover a route of 5km and is expected to take an hour to complete. There will be breakfast, lucky draw prizes and performances by kompang team, bangra team, aerobic dancers, clowns as well as exhibition on home safety and crime prevention.

Free lucky draw tickets and breakfast voucher for first 1,000 participants,
LCD TV, 10 Bicycles, 10 Handphones, Digi Prepaid Sim Cards, Hampers, Bicycles, Handphone etc

All Bandar Puteri residents are welcome to participate in this event.

Have Fun, Keep Fit, Stay Healthy, Know your neighbours.

08 November, 2010


IOI Properties wish to inform that their Puchong Office has moved to Puchong Financial Corporate Centre (PFCC). Please click to enlarge the “Moving Notification Card” to view the new location map. Kindly call IOI Customer Relations Unit at 03-8064 8888 for any further enquiries.

21 October, 2010

Oktoberfest & Halloween Party @ the Palette, IOI Boulevard

Oktoberfest & Halloween Party
Venue: The Palette, IOI Boulevard
Date: 22 & 23, 29 & 30 October
Time : 8pm onwards

Let's celebrate this freaky twin event together! For enquiries, please call Marketing team at 03-8076 9898 or log on to www.facebook.com/ioiproperties

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23 August, 2010

Important Notice to Members/Residents

1. Attention to residents who stay at Jln Puteri 7/6 (House No. 4 to 60). Kindly switch on your back light during night time, our security personnel complains its too dark and visibilty is poor, so if there is a person lurking in the dark he would not be able to see him at all. Common sense prevails as we need to emphasize the importance of security as compared to saving a few ringgit of electricity bill. We urge for your kind cooperation - after all its for your own safety.

2. All domestic problems such as clogged drains, potholes, falling branches, street lights not functioning in front or near your house, garbage being dumped without packing properly by neighbours, neighbour's dogs without licenses, neighbour's dogs making noise, etc.,etc., please contact directly to: UNIT ADUAN MPSJ @ 03-8026 4474 (Monday-Friday). MPSJ related departments are obligated to response within 14 days of your complain.

3. Our Security personnel have given their feedback on uncooperative friends/ relatives of members and non-members who refuses to leave their car license or leave their personnel particulars to the Guards upon entering our premises. This does not auger well in terms of security as untowards incidents may happen and we may not have details of the person/s involved thus making it difficult for investigation by RA or the police (if required). Please help us be a disciplined and safe Acacia Puteri 7 for the sake of everybody staying here.

4. For fellow members who have yet to pay the security fee for month of May - Aug 2010, kindly act now! Your delay will cause Acacia Puteri 7 to be "GATED BUT NOT-GUARDED" one day. Your contribution not only ensures safety but also for the maintenance of Fencing & Guardhouse (which sometimes get vandalised).

5. Welcome the new owners who had chosen to stay in Acacia Puteri 7 and join us as member recently. You have shown us your true spirit of neighborliness rather than some selfish owners who refuses to share the security fee until now.

6. For the latest security fee collection update, kindly log on to RA blog @ acaciaputeri7.blogspot.com

RA would like to wish all of you HAPPY NATIONAL DAY!
Selamat Puasa & Hari Raya Aidilfitri to our Muslim members/residents.

20 July, 2010

Residents highlight the need for safe city concepts


BANDAR Puteri Puchong residents highlighted the need for safe city concepts to be implemented in their neighbourhood during the forum at the carnival.

Held at a field in Jalan Puteri 8/10, the forum was moderated by Norina Yahya and RedFM deejay JD and the panelists comprised Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) assistant public relations director Azfarizal Abdul Rashid, Bandar Puteri residents’ association (RA) adviser Datuk Maman David Maman and Alex Wong from the Bandar Puteri 10 (Banyan) RA.

Also present were representatives from the MPSJ engineering, urban services and landscape departments.

Wong pointed out the absence of pedestrian facilities in Bandar Puteri Puchong.

“It is dangerous to use the road as pedestrians have to share the road with motorists,” he said.

Maman highlighted the issue of the safe city programme and Azfarizal said it was a problem faced by every municipal council.

“While the concept of a safe city is included for new development projects, it is not a criteria for previous developments.

“The problem is the budget. If we have the budget, we will carry out the safe city programme but now we even face problems resurfacing roads. However, we will try our level best,” he said.

Maman also highlighted the need for road humps and traffic lights at main roads and junctions.

Senior engineer Mohd Ariffuddin from the MPSJ engineering department replied that the placing of road humps depended on whether it fulfilled the criteria.

“An internal traffic study is being carried out as we need to look into the synchronisation for the traffic lights as there are many junctions,” he said.

Hosted jointly by The Star, Red FM and residents’ associations in Bandar Puteri, the carnival aimed to create a platform for residents to engage directly with their local authorities.

Bandar Puteri 12 resident Ng Yan Wei suggested a more ethical and humane approach to tackling the problem of stray dogs.

She advocated spaying and neutering strays instead of putting them to sleep.

“I’ve heard cases where the dog-catchers man-handle the dogs. I hope that there is an ethical way to solve this problem, that will please both dog-lovers and those who do not want strays in their neighbourhood.

“There are about 10 stray dogs in my neighbourhood and they seem tame and have not harmed anyone,” she said, adding that she has sent a stray dog for spaying.

Puchong Hartamas resident Priscilla Tan voiced the problem of her neighbour’s renovation affecting her house.

“How could they carry out the renovation without the neighbour’s consent? Is it legal?,” she queried, adding that she had previously complained to the MPSJ.

Azfarizal replied that the public could call the council to check if their neighbour’s renovations were legal. The council hotline is 03-5637 6545.

“We have received many complaints regarding renovations. Before we give out permits, those who want to renovate their houses must follow the MPSJ regulations and by-laws.

“if the problem persists, you can take civil action,” he said.

Puteri 11 RA vice-chairman Teng Yaw Yeong suggested the police use bicycles to patrol as he witnessed a snatch thief that got away despite five policemen giving chase on foot.

11 July, 2010

Hoping for better security in Bandar Puteri Puchong


SAFE city concepts, or rather the lack of it, will be the topic at The Star’s People’s Voice — You’ve Got the Power carnival, which will take place in Bandar Puteri Puchong, on July 17.

The safe city concept focused on combating crime and create a safe living environment.

According to the feedback from some of the residents’ associations, there was a lack of the safe city concept in Bandar Puteri Puchong.

For example, there were no pedestrian facilities linking the residential and commercial zones, hence residents have to use the main road.

To cross safely: The residents want pedestrian facilities in Bandar Puteri.
Residents also complained of potholes, cracked road surface and poor maintenance of the playgrounds.

They also want facilities like community halls and football fields to hold community activities in their neighbourhood.

Besides the dialogue to be moderated by Norina Yahya and RedFM deejay JD, there would be an array of activities and booths to make it a lively event.

If you are a Bandar Puteri Puchong resident and would like to raise your views and concerns, you can reach us via People’s Voice Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The compilation of issues gathered as of the present time:

Common issues raised at the meeting (24/6/10) by Dato Samson and add-on:
  1. There are no pedestrain facilities linking the residential zone and commercial zone, all pedestrians have to use the main road. No road safety.
  2. More bus stops with proper shelter.
  3. Building of road humps along roads with junction.
  4. Lack of Community Hall and football field for Community activities in a modern Bandar. (Hopefully MPSJ will temporarily grant such facilities to the RA’s of Bandar Puteri in their new Puteri library complex
  5. No Schools at Bandar Puteri Puchong (especially Secondary)
  6. Giant Shopping should repaint their internal traffic flow to guide cars to correct external exit with the change in outer traffic flow. It is accidents waiting to happen at present.

Crime Control Issues raised by Dato Samson:

  1. As RA’s we want to have our own community policing Committee for Puteri and wawasan areas under our Balai. The current Committee is too big for all of Puchong and their charter says every Balai should have its own. Look at cops.org.my for details.
  2. Residents would like to work out closer cooperation with the Balai and its officers and not just see them when there is a crime.
  3. Status of Commercial crimes Investigation in covering Bukit puchong and Bandar Puteri.
  4. Status of cases covering photographic evidence given by RA on Car thieves and no action or news to date. 14 Months.
  5. Proliferation of gambling arcades within range of Police Stations. MPSJ only covers licensing issues (fines RM 1k max – seizure is not legal as per bylaws) but police covers gambling as offences (seizure and jail or fine). Why this is not enforced ? Grey areas does not allow one to encroach into the other leaving such establishments to thumb their noses on both parties.Residents and RA’s are concerned as children gamble away their allowances.
  6. Procedures in making reports. What then on feedback?
  7. Formation of RT and Rela Centres in Bandar Puteri.

Issues raised of Puteri 11 RA:

  1. The surprise development of a massive 422 units condominium complex in between two steep slopes next to Puteri 11 by IOI.
  2. Illegal and dangerous car parkings on both roadsides of Jalan Puteri 11/1 by Bayu Apartment residents.
  3. Need to install road humps on Jalan Puteri 11/1, 11/1A and 11/13 to prevent speeding vehicles.
  4. Remove unsightly and Ah Long advertisements on trees, lamp posts and parameter fencing.
  5. Need a football field and community hall facilities.
  6. Request for more frequent and faster response to infrastructure maintenance service.

Issues raised by Acacia Puteri 7 RA:

  1. Requests for another speed table in front of the existing speed table fronting Columbia Hospital as the present one is not effective in reducing speeding of oncoming cars. A lot of problems to cross the road for cars coming out of Puteri 7 area.
  2. Another suggestion is for the road kerb at Lebuh Puteri fronting Puteri 7 to redesign the road junction similar to the existing junction in Puteri 6.
  3. Jalan Puteri 7/1 and the whole of Puteri 7 needs road resurfacing as it has been 10 years since the road was resurfaced. Further there also exists many potholes due to heavy traffic usage especially at Jalan Puteri 7/1 and Jalan Puteri 7/2.
  4. Alam Flora personnel were supposed to sweep our backlanes and drains twice monthly, unfortunately this have been been adhered to and hope MPSJ can assist us on this issue to ensure strict compliance to cleaning schedules by them. Further the playground in our area is also full of leafs. If left unattended it will create health issues. Please to ensure that the personnel doing the job clear the debris such as rubbish, leaves, etc within the same day.
  5. The "No U-turn" sign fronting Columbia Asia is not effective as a lot of cars are still making U-turns at the junction. This is very dangerous as it hampers cars coming out from Puteri 7 and cars trying to enter Puteri 7 from the other side of the road. Accidents have already happened many times, luckily no DEATHS yet.

Issues raised by Banyan RA (Puteri 10):

  1. The existence/approval of 6 kindergardens for an enclave with 361 households has added to the massive traffic flow. What is MPSJ criteria of approving Kindergarden?
  2. Installing road humps along Laman Puteri 2, near the entrance/exit of Banyan Guard house.
  3. Slow respond from MPSJ on complaint of potholes, cracked road surface and maintenance of playground.
  4. Inner roads at Banyan, Jln Puteri 10/2-10/12 need resurfacing, potholes aplenty.

Issues raised by Puteri 8 RA:

  1. Long awaited U Turn sign for Puteri 8 Residents at traffic lights.
  2. Bad conditions of roads and drainage issues with frequent potholes.
  3. Urgent Request for Road widening at entrance and relocation of RA Cabin to Puteri 8/10 small padang, with electricity connection
  4. Overgrown trees and incessant shedding of leaves that clog drains etc – Wrong type of tress planted.
  5. Internal Road humps for safety of residents.
  6. Sewage line overflows and dumps sewage on the roads at entrance of Puteri 8/1 as well as traffic light junction from manhole everytime there is a heavy shower.
  7. Resurface our roads which is full of pot holes.

Issues raised by Puteri 9 RA:

  1. Current children's playground is tucked behind the back lane of Jalan 9/1C and too far for parents with young toddlers on pram.
  2. Traffic coming into Aseana condo pose accident risk as condo residents turn right before turning left into the condo.
  3. Very sharp and narrow junction at 9/1 and 9/1B bearing in mind there is no through road and the road 9/1B serve 54 houses.
Residents would appreciate if MPSJ and/or IOI could:
  1. Redesignate the current Aseana show house area as new playground or basketball court;
  2. Re-align or move the entry lane of Asean Puteri further in so that cars do not have to veer right before driving in.
  3. Look into widening the junction.

Issues raised by Puteri 12 RA:

  1. Traffic Light or mini roundabout at our foot hill out to the main road Since Puchong Hartamas access road is operated, the traffic flow was very heavy. Residents in Puteri 12 are unable to use the main road, very dangerous to drive across and have various accidents.
  2. Hawkers are now operating at the main road along the road going up to Puteri 12 causing a lot of inconvenience to us especially when traffic from wawasan out to Puteri 12 are blocked by cars parking along the road for hawkers food. Why MPSJ allow hawkers to operate business along the main road blocking the traffic?
  3. Public have been driving up to Puteri 12 hilltop every night and park their vehicles along the road causing a lot of inconvenience for residents and have caused a lot of accidents esp. they u-turn to park their vehicles along the whole stretch of the road which is already very narrow. Illegal and dangerous car parkings, drinking, throwing rubbish ,operating loud music, creating very unhealthy activities and causing inconvenience and fear robbery and stop residents cars especially during wee hours on sat & sun. Residents of Puteri 12 are very concern of our safety since this is the only access road to our houses and having nightmare and eye sore to see the unconsiderate public causing nuisance to our beautiful place.
  4. Need to install road humps on Jalan Puteri 12/2 and along roads with junction to prevent speeding vehicles.
  5. Need a community hall facilities and football field.
  6. Electricity and Indah Water problems, few houses of Puteri 12 have switchboard on fire recently due to lopping system of 6 houses as inform by workers of TNB who come to repair the damage swithchboard. Very dangerous and houses might be on fire esp daytime residents not at home. Overflow of water from indah water piping along the main road to the hilltop whenever heavy rain occur. Indah Water staff will come and suck away the water but the root of the problem ie blockage in the piping system which need to rectifly. Residents worried they might be erosion and finally landslides might occurred.
  7. Propose MPSJ to have a project every month to take away all rare dogs and cats.
  8. Illegal houses built along Jalan 12/12, near the back guardhse between Puteri 11 & 12.
  9. Slow respond from MPSJ on complaint of potholes, cracked road surface and maintaince of playground of Puteri 12.
  10. Need free shutter buses like Sunway and Bandar Utama residents provideng for them, all residents of Bandar Puteri have problems for public transport.
  11. Lack of sweepers swiping the streets, not sweep daily esp backlane and drains.

Issues raised by IXORA RA (Puteri 6):

  1. Police to patrol into each housing area even though those guarded, more frequently during day time, have log book at designated locations inside.
  2. Build brick wall fencing for those housing area along the main road (ie. Lebuh Puteri) - IXORA is the only taman without one now
  3. Public Transport - Ampang line LRT extension to cover Bandar Puteri in phase 1 of the whole project while the traffic volume along LDP still manageable
  4. Landscape - more appropriate types of trees to be planted in Bandar Puteri, and must be well taken care - it feels refreshing moving out from Bandar Puteri into Taman Wawasan.
  5. Community - public swimming pool should be built.
  6. Hypermedia library process book loan manually - inefficient, and prone to "book theft", seating capacity and book collection of hypermedia needs to improve.

Issues raised by Melia RA (Puteri 10):

  1. Need to have a hump at the main road (both sides) just before our guardhouse to slow down oncoming cars from Puteri 11, Sri Bayu apartments and Puchong Hartamas. We have found that some cars are speeding and certain times dangerous for our residents to exit our area.
  2. The playground condition at our area is badly maintained and urgently need upgrading e.g. the equipments, garden chairs, jogging path, ground condition etc.
  3. The condition of roads at our area is very patchy resulting in uneven driving. We even have some residents doing their own patching work using cement after it has become unbearable.
  4. Melia has too many entry/exit points (4) and we propose to close 2 of them.This will render our effort to safeguard this area easier.
  5. We seldom see police patrolling our area. We would like to see an increase in this aspect.
  6. There are hawkers setting up their stalls on the main road which makes the whole Bandar Puteri look messy and disorganise, especially for Puteri 9, 10 11 & 12. Also the image has been affected.

Issues raised Puteri 6 RA:

  1. Need police patrol more in Bandar Puteri residential area. Why robbery cases reported to the Bandar Puteri station are not at all investigated.

23 June, 2010

04 June, 2010

A&C Malaysia Dance Championship 2010 @ The Palette, IOI Boulevard

The A & C Malaysia Dance Competition will be held at The Palette, IOI Boulevard on 5th - 6th June 2010 (Saturday & Sunday) from 10am - 4pm and this will be a great opportunity for all of us to enjoy the exhilarating dance moves by the contestants.

Residents are encouraged to come and join in the fun and exciting event.

See you there!

24 May, 2010


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GOTONG-ROYONG latest update:

Date: 30 May 2010 (Sunday)
Gather at playground at 8.45am

Some of the Highlights:

• A representative from Columbia Asia Hospital will provide us with a briefing on "Dengue, Chikungunya, AH1N1 prevention & some health awareness tips". They will also be giving out free gifts to residents who participate. (While stocks last)

• Joint organizer - MPSJ Health Department will be putting up their banner regarding the health awareness program and will distribute relevant flyers / pamphlets to residents. They may also go house to house inspection to make sure that there are no aedes mosquito breeding grounds in this housing area. Warning notice will be given out to residents who fail to comply with this requirement.

• RA & officers from MPSJ will be placing Abate larvicide powder in areas of stagnant water which have the potential of breeding mosquitoes.

• JKP Zone 16 will provide participants with some light refreshments such as mee goreng, kuih-muih and mineral water to get us going!

• Participants will be entitle to a pair of gloves & Abate larvicides powder. (While stocks last)

• Alam Flora’s truck will carry out house to house collection of discarded materials from residents during the program EXCEPT for decaying food and construction debris.

So please let’s wake up early this Sunday morning and bring along your whole family to participate and fulfill our social responsibility to this community.

"Working together to clean up our taman and create a healthy environment to live in"

17 May, 2010

IOI Privilege Card Members' Day

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Residents who have yet to collect their
IOI PRIVILEGE CARD may also do so during the event at collection counter, just bring along utility bills or MyKad.

For your information, the
IOI PRIVILEGE CARD entitles you to enjoy special discounts and offers at participating outlets and priority to park at the designated lots in front of Jusco outlet in IOI Mall.

RA would like to encourage residents to join the fun-filled event with their friends and families. It will be a great opportunity for IOI residents to get together and foster closer community ties.

Program including:
• Kids Entertainment: Sand Art by Tadika Vista Cemerlang
• Longest Breath & Number Game
• Hunt @ Palette
• Demonstration fim iLifestyle: Juice Making & Bread Baking
• Eating Competition sponsored by Otak-otak Place & Marriott Putrajaya Hotel/Palm Garden Hotel
• Mini Health Talk & Demo by Tropics' Fitness
• Give away F&B vouchers to IOIPC holders

Note: The program for the event is still subject to change.

28 April, 2010

Tree Cutting & Trim by MPSJ

Further to the RA request to MPSJ Landscape Department to trim those overgrown trees with some menacing overhanging branches along the corner house November last year, their contractor had started work since the morning of 19th April 2010. It is with hope that residents can now park their cars, doing their morning walk or exercise and etc without fear of fallen tree branches. The RA and residents of Acacia Puteri 7 would like to extend their sincere gratitude and appreciation to Pn. Juliana for her effort and follow-up.

21 April, 2010

New Rubber Floor Mat on Children Playground

Further to our RA request to MPSJ Landscape Department, we are pleased to inform that MPSJ Landscape Department have replaced the whole rubber floor mat on the children playground recently. (April)

The RA and residents of Acacia Puteri 7 would like to extend their sincere gratitude and appreciation to Pn. Azlina, Head of MPSJ Landscape Department for her effort and contribution to this endeavour and making Acacia Puteri 7 residents' playground safer, pleasant and user friendly.

02 April, 2010

New Gazebo at Playground

Further to our RA request to MPSJ Landscape Department to built a Gazebo on our playground last year, we are pleased to inform that they (MPSJ Landscape Department) have since started work on 19th March 2010. Come rain or shine, this new gazebo will provide a permanent covered rest area for residents of Acacia Puteri 7 to mingle with each other, have a picnic and etc. With this new addition to our residents' playground, it is with hope that all residents can enjoy and make full use of the facilities provided and at the same time take good care of it too!

The RA and residents of Acacia Puteri 7 hereby would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Pn. Azlina, Head of MPSJ Landscape Department for her effort and contribution to this endeavour and making our residents' playground more lively and user friendly.

text: Terrence

23 March, 2010

Road Hump Installed at Jalan Puteri 7/1

Further to the RA Puteri 7's & JKP zone 16's proposal to have a road hump setup for safety measure at Jalan Puteri 7/1 (before the junction turn in to Jalan Puteri 7/2), the MPSJ Engineering Department officer En. Mohd Azli has finally instructed their contractor to install a road hump and painted with yellow line on 11 March 2010. We wish to remind motorists to drive carefully and slow down while approaching the road hump and junction. A big thank you to MPSJ!

05 March, 2010


Acacia Puteri 7 RA’s 1st AGM were held on the morning of 28th February 2010 (Sunday) in conjunction with the “Chap Goh Meh” Celebration at the Acacia Puteri 7 playground. The number of fellow residents turning up for the event is quite encouraging.

For the day’s event, we were honoured to have Mr. Tan Jo Hann (Zone 16 MPSJ Councillor), Mr. Eddy Ng (Former Chairman of Banyan Puteri 10) and JKP Zone 16 Members as honourable invited guests.

The day’s first event is the children colouring contest with prizes such as school bag, pencil bag, exam pad, exercise book, cartoon VCD, memo pad and pencils being kindly sponsored by Animasia Studio Sdn Bhd.

While the children colouring contest is underway, RA introduces and welcome our invited Honorable dignitaries and guests, followed by speeches from our Chairman Mr. David Yap and Zone 16 MPSJ Councillor Mr. Tan Jo Hann speech.

Later, RA to receive and adopt the Activities Report, Audited Statement of Account, Achievements & Implementation, Matter Resolved, Amendments of Constitution, Any Other Matters and Future Plan.

New Committee Members for year 2010/2011 were also elected during the AGM including 2 Honorary Auditors for year 2010/2011.

Lucky Draw finally started with prizes such as 1 Wealth Bucket Tiger (sponsored by Mr. James Tang (7/4), 3 pcs of Putrajaya Marriott Hotel Dining Voucher worth RM100 each (Sponsored by IOI Properties), 10 books of Dining Discount Booklet worth RM30 each (Sponsored by Super Ace Marketing), 5 baskets of Tesco Hamper (Sponsored by Tesco Puchong), BOH The-O-Ais in cans (Sponsored by Giant Puchong) and in addition, IOI Properties sponsored funds for the events expenses.

The results of the Children Coloring Contest were read out later with prizes given out to the winners.

The event adjourned about midday and group photo of New Committee Members were taken. Final clean up of the playground were carried out by RA and some ever helpful residents.

Some of The Domestic Issue Which Were Brought Up During AGM

1. Please always keep the fence door locked with the padlock provided and never take them away. Padlock located at 7/4 were reported lost before the CNY and immediately replaced with a new one by RA. Hope everyone will cooperate and report to RA if the fence door is without any padlock. Ones’ own convenience might spell danger or trouble to others (e.g. break-ins)

2. Owners with dog(s) - please make sure their droppings are not left everywhere especially at residents’ compound. Please bring some old newspaper or plastic bag to collect the droppings and dispose off to your house dustbin.

Even after putting up the “No Dog Shitting” signs, dog droppings are still being discovered around the playground. The Playground belongs to all residents of Puteri 7. Please love the environment as you would love your dog. Always think of residents’ feelings as you would want them to think of you.

NEVER EVER allow your dog(s) to roam freely as this might lead to unwanted incident such as the dog suddenly turning aggressive without any reason and biting fellow residents especially children. Please think of the consequences such as serious facial and body injuries to the victims, costly lawsuits, damaged reputation and worst of all, your pet dog(s) being “put away” for good!

3. Residents are advised not to park their car on the road shoulder to avoid any untoward accidents as some drivers might be unable to see your car when turning.

4. Commencement of clocking instead of writing the log book by the security guard to start soon.

5. RA plans to construct a concrete sport court next to the playground in the future to enable residents, young and old to play badminton, tai chi, qigong and etc. This will be implemented once RA has enough funds and the project is estimated to cost more than 10K.

6. Security Fee collection is still the most difficult part of RA task. Even to-date some members have yet to pay up. Usually members are given about a month time to make payment either by cheque to guardhouse or cash to selected committee members. Unfortunately only 50% of members have taken the initiative to do so.

Please consider the plights of the committee members as they are all working on a voluntary basis and all of us should appreciate their selfless contribution and sacrifice to this community.

To-date, 29 members have taken up the yearly payment option.

7. Member car sticker. RA still noticed that some members’ car still having the old sticker (round shape). Please have them exchange soonest possible with RA.
8. Member Door Sign. If your door sign has fallen down or becoming non-stick, please have it stick back with silicon or better quality double sided tape. If lost or damage during renovation, it can be purchase from RA at RM10 each.

9. Most residents agreed to allow pamphlets or flyer distributor from major companies to be distributed in our premises.

New RA would like to express their sincere gratitude to previous committee members for their precious time, efforts and sacrifices to the association and to the good of the whole Puteri 7 residents.

text: Jacky & Terrence

03 March, 2010


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06 February, 2010


The Biggest Events of The Year Not To Miss!


Date: 28 February 2010

Time: 9am - 12noon
Venue: Acacia Puteri 7 Children Playground

日期 : 2010年2月28日 (星期日) *年十五
時間 : 9點早上開始至中午12點
地點 : 花園遊樂場

Event Highlights 重點節目:
To elect executive committee members for 2010/2011, presenting annual report & audited statement of accounts, light refreshment, lucky draw and children colouring contest.

Invited Guests 受邀嘉賓:
• Mr Tan Jo Hann (MPSJ Councilor Zone 16) & JKP Members
• Sergeant Matsood (Ketua Polis Balai Polis Puteri 7)

Sponsors 贊助商:
IOI Properties, Tesco, Giant, HP, Super Ace Marketing, Animasia Studio Sdn Bhd

Modification of Windows at Guardhouse

RA had recently engaged the service of an aluminium works contractor to modify 2 no. fixed panel windows (facing the main road) to be openable, with the hope that this will ensure much better ventilation and provide a more comfortable and conducive working environment for the security guards.

text: Terrence Richard

15 January, 2010


The potholes at Jalan Puteri 7/1, 7/2, 7/3, 7/4 & 7/6 have been repaired and patched up by MPSJ contractor on 11 & 15 January 2010. A big thank you to JKP Zone 16 member, En. Syahizam and En. Ajal from MPSJ for being diligent in solving this matter.

11 January, 2010

Streetlight Lit Up!

The faulty streetlight at Lebuh Puteri near the junction turn in to Jalan Puteri 7 have been finally lit up on 8 January 2010. Thanks to JKP Zone 16 for his diligence in reporting the faulty streetlight to MPSJ and pushing for repair. Thanks to En. Adnan from MPSJ for follow-up.

05 January, 2010


PRIMARY SCHOOL (Standard 1-5 & UPSR)

Subjects / 課目

• Mathematics
• Science
• Bahasa Malaysia
• English 英文

Benefits / 好處
• Within Acacia Puteri 7 Housing Area 靠近您的住家
• Reasonable fees 價錢合理
• To make your child successful 讓你的孩子考獲好成績

Location / 地點
No.11, Jalan Puteri 7/4

Contact / 聯絡
Mrs. Rama @ 017-307 1625
or 03-8060 7115