5th AGM on 24 Jan 2016 (Sunday), 9am at Playground

12 November, 2013

Missing Guardrail have been repaired & fixed back on 10/11/2013

After (Jalan Puteri 7/2)

After (Jalan Persiaran 2 towards Jalan Wawasan)

08 November, 2013

A forum with YB Ng Sze Han for the Gated & Guarded (G & G) at MBA 3-11-2013

A forum with YB Ng Sze Han for the Gated & Guarded (G & G) at MBA (Michael Badminton) Bandar Puteri have been held on 3 November (SUN), 2013, from 10 am – 12pm.

The purposes of the meeting is  to obtain RA opinions, suggestions and a cohesive mandate for YB Ng Sze Han to present it during his Dewan Sitting on Mid-November. He will help us to protect our Taman on the G & G (to get it legalized).

You can also in the meantime visit http://goo.gl/3s96aY . Just click on the link, answer the questions and then click the SUBMIT button (YOU DON’T HAVE TO DOWNLOAD THE FORM).

金銮区州议员YB黄思汉与民众共同研讨住宅区增建道闸是否应该被合法化?” 113(星期日),上午10时至中午12时在蒲种区公主花园MBA羽球馆举行。

各居委会主席、副主席、会员都踊跃出席并提出宝贵的意见以便可以让YB 黄思汉拥有充足的理据和数据在州议会中据理力争,争取合法化。

http://goo.gl/3s96aY ,填妥您的个人资料与回答几项简单的居民意愿调查问题,然后按【传送键】(SUBMIT)即可。(无需下)

07 November, 2013

Road Resurface between house to house (27 - 29 September 2013)

Polycarbonate awning installed at Guard House

Worked done on 19.6.2013

The faulty gate also repaired on the same day by contractor.